Roll Up Garage Doors for Oregon Greenhouses

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Oregon is home to over 2 million square feet of greenhouse space with the demand for greenhouse products on the rise.  Increasing amounts of greenhouses in Oregon require the best roll up garage doors in the industry, which are manufactured by Arm-R-Lite. Multiwall Polycarbonate Glass for Greenhouse Roll Up Garage Doors For years, Arm-R-Lite has […]

Insulated Glass Garage Doors for Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is the most populous state in the Northeast enduring more than 3 feet of snow annually.  With harsh winter conditions, properties in Massachusetts need the most efficient tools to keep their spaces warm all winter long.   How Can Arm-R-Lite Help? For over 50 years, Arm-R-Lite has been on the leading edge of garage door […]

Commercial Sectional Doors for Montana Farms

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Since 1957, Arm-R-Lite has been manufacturing the strongest and toughest commercial sections doors for all applications including projects in Montana.  Designed and manufactured in the USA for even the most rugged applications, Arm-R-Lite’s welded commercial sectional doors are strong enough for any farm or riding arena. Why Choose Arm-R-Lite Sectional Doors for your Montana Farm? […]

Breather Tubes for Glass Garage Doors

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Arm-R-Lite is proud to manufacture glass garage doors throughout the United States, even locations that have higher elevations and require breather tubes.  Due to the change in air pressure, we are pleased to provide breather tubes for glass garage doors that are installed in higher elevations such as 3,000 feet or higher than sea level. […]

Energy Efficient Overhead Garage Doors

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Looking for energy efficient overhead garage doors? Vice-President Debbie Myers briefly explains why Arm-R-Lite doors are heads and shoulders above the competition. As the demand for insulated glass garage doors continues to grow, Arm-R-Lite has been keeping pace with the trend by offering new options and exclusive innovations for our insulated product line.


Pennsylvania Commercial Overhead Doors

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Arm-R-Lite is proud to supply the best commercial overhead doors to Pennsylvania since 1958.  For over fifty years, businesses and residents have trusted Arm-R-Lite with the largest moving component on the property, the garage door. Why Choose Arm-R-Lite? Pennsylvania is known for its diverse topography and climate which includes mountainous areas as well as snowfall […]

Roll Up Garage Doors in Missouri

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During 2016, the Midwest has seen a rise in flash floods that pose dangerous and even life threatening situations to the Midwest residents. Water can easily slide under your garage door but Arm-R-Lite has a solution that can help water infiltration during these epic floods. Flood Vents for Roll Up Garage Doors Arm-R-Lite is proud […]

Upward Acting Sectional Doors in Colorado

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Colorado’s diverse geography requires materials that are superior in strength and quality like Arm-R-Lite’s upward acting sectional doors.  We are proud to offer the most durable and resilient garage doors in the industry, never compromising on the quality of our doors. Garage Doors for The Rocky Mountain State Since 1958, Arm-R-Lite has been using our […]

Commercial Sectional Doors for Kentucky

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Arm-R-Lite has been providing commercial sectional doors to Kentucky businesses for over 50 years.  We are proud to provide commercial or residential doors to the entire state, working with the best installers in Kentucky. Commercial Sectional Doors for Kentucky Arenas Riding arenas have been a staple in Kentucky for many years and Arm-R-Lite is proud […]

Glass Garage Doors for New Hampshire Properties

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Arm-R-Lite’s glass garage doors are perfect for properties in New Hampshire because we can customize your door based on the geological, climatic and personal style needed for your door.  Our doors are available with many add-on options including Energy Efficiency, Corrosion Resistance and Sloping Bottom Bars. Options For Your New Hampshire Glass Garage Door Considering […]