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Garage Door Clearance Requirements

by Eileen@1234

Garage doors are often the largest moving part of a building or home. As an operable assembly, there are clearances or space related to the door, track, springs, and motor that cannot be occupied by any other obstruction. What are the Clearances for a Garage Door? When planning for a garage door, there are specific […]

Fire Station Sectional Doors

by Eileen@1234

Fire Stations are one of the sectional door industries most prominent applications, second only to service stations. However, unlike service station applications fire station section doors are faced with a unique set of challenges and expectations that are important to communities. What to Expect from your Fire Station Sectional Door? Whenever renovating and existing station […]

Arm-R-Lite’s Overhead Sectional Doors are featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer

by Eileen@1234

In November 2017, Arm-R-Lite’s Rosalia Model Overhead Sectional Doors were featured in an article by The Philadelphia Inquirer. The article’s focus was on the overall renovation of the Bart Blatstein mansion located in Rittenhouse Square district of Philadelphia. Project and Door Details The article describes Arm-R-Lite’s doors as “two Brazilian ipe garage doors replaced the […]

Restaurant Garage Doors

by Eileen@1234

Garage doors for restaurants are a new market for the garage door industry. Garage doors offer more flexibility for privately owned as well as chain restaurants to either open up areas or enclose spaces for privacy. Why Have a Garage Door on a Restaurant? The lure of garage doors for restaurant applications has everything to […]