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A Garage Door You Can Write On

by Eileen@1234

Not the frame, but the glass. Great for office or home use, Arm-R-Lite can now supply glazing which allows for use with standard dry erase markers and erasers. Dry Erase Glass in a Garage Door Most often for interior use, the dry erase marker compatible glazing can be frosted or clear based on preference and […]

IDA Expo – The Overhead Sectional Door Industry’s Biggest Tradeshow

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite will be exhibiting our latest product releases at the overhead sectional door industry’s biggest tradeshow next week in Las Vegas. The exhibition hall will open from Friday, 4/27 – Saturday, 4/28 with show events beginning on Wednesday, 4/25. Arm-R-Lite and IDA History Since 1958, Arm-R-Lite has been involved with various industry organizations including International […]

Garage Door Delegated Design Submittals

by Eileen@1234

Within the specifications issued for a project’s division 8 sectional doors some projects may call out Delegated Design Submittals as part of their required submittal package. What are these submittals and how are they different than typical shop details? Garage Door Delegated Design Submittals vs. Shop Drawings Shop drawings are a common part of project […]

Where To Find Replacement Sections For Your Arm-R-Lite Door?

by Eileen@1234
Get your replacement section for Arm-R-Lite doors

Having to replace a section on your garage door could be a hassle, but not with Arm-R-Lite. If one of your Arm-R-Lite doors require a replacement section all you have to do is give us a call. Our top notch sales representatives pride themselves on their speedy yet professional service. Anyone who owns an Arm-R-Lite […]