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Garage Doors 30 Feet Wide

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite can manufacture our aluminum Custom CI model up to 30’ wide. However, a door of this size does have limitations and restrictions on options so as not to compromise the function of the sectional door. Requirements for Garage Doors 30’ Wide Please keep these requirements and restrictions in mind when specifying or planning for […]

Requesting Samples for your Glass Garage Door

by Eileen@1234

Sample requests for Arm-R-Lite glass garage doors can be sent in through our website with the Contact Us form. Alternatively, you may also request samples by calling our sales staff or sending a request via email. When should I ask for a Sample? Samples of finishes and glazing should be requested at time of order […]

Arm-R-Blind Options for Glass Garage Doors

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite’s New Arm-R-Blinds are compatible with select aluminum and glass garage door models. The Arm-R-Blind option cannot be retrofitted into an existing door and can only be fitted into a new sectional door assembly. What is the Arm-R-Blind? The Arm-R-Blind option is a 1” insulated glass unit with a manually operated set of blinds sandwiched […]

What Does Galvanized Mean for Glass Garage Doors?

by Eileen@1234

While the frame of an aluminum and glass garage doors is made of aluminum extrusions the face hardware, springs, track, etc…are not. They are actually made of a material called galvanized steel. What is Galvanized Hardware? “Galvanized” refers to adding a protective zinc coating to steel to prevent rusting. Although galvanizing will help stave off corrosion of the […]

ADA Pass Door Specifications

by Eileen@1234

ADA pass door specifications are available by clicking on the link below: ADA Pass Door 3-Part Specs For more information on Arm-R-Lite’s ADA complaint pass door, such as restrictions and limitations, please check our information page by clicking here. Arm-R-Lite sales staff is available to help as well and can be contacted by phone, email […]