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Garage Door Safety Month 2019: Safety Guidelines


As Garage Door Safety Month draws to a close, it’s important to remember that safety doesn’t stop at the end of June. Safe practices with your garage door should be done every day. The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) offers these safety guidelines to keep yourself, your family and your property safe. DASMA […]

Garage Door Safety Month 2019: Servicing Your Garage Door


Garage Doors, like any machine, require proper maintenance for optimal performance year after year. How much maintenance a garage door requires can vary from application to application; however, there are some basic recommendations for getting the most out of your garage door. Garage Door Maintenance Recommendations: Regular service with an Arm-R-Lite dealer/installer should be scheduled […]

Garage Door Safety Month 2019: Torsion Springs


Garage Door Safety Month would not be complete without a mention of torsion springs. Torsion springs are predominantly installed on commercial applications; however some residential applications may have them as well. Garage Door Torsion Springs: Leave them to the Professionals Torsion springs are considered dangerous should only be handled, adjusted, and installed by professional garage […]

Garage Door Safety Month 2019: Keeping your Pets Safe


Basic procedures for garage door safety should be taught to everyone in your home. Knowing what is safe and what is not when operating your garage door can make all the difference. For family members who cannot be taught best practices, such as pets, it’s important for us to keep them safe. When Operating Your […]