Aluminum and Aluminum and glass garage doors - ARM-R-LITE at Jiffy Lubeglass garage doors took the overhead door industry by storm starting in the late 1950’s. The new aluminum and glass garage doors were lighter, stronger, and more visually appealing than what had been on the market in the past. The first applications to embrace the new trend were service and gas station chains. At the forefront of the surge was Jack Dourney Jr., the founder of a thriving garage door manufacturing company that would pioneer the use of his exclusive welded aluminum and glass garage doors on some of the most iconic applications such as Shell, Gulf, Texaco, and Jiffy Lube service stations.

Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors: If It Isn’t Welded, It Isn’t ARM-R-LITE!

Aluminum and glass garage doors - Jack Dourney Jr.Jack named his company ARM-R-LITE; a strong name for a strong product. Jack’s aluminum and glass garage doors were like no other on the market. By using an exclusive heli-arc welded construction method, Jack was able to provide his customers with the strongest, most durable American made aluminum and glass garage doors in the industry. Jack understood the need for quality products and designed his doors with four factors in mind: Appearance, Strength, Durability, and Ease of Operation.

Aluminum and glass garage doors by ARM-R-LITE have a natural beauty that blends in flawlessly with the design of modern buildings. Available in near limitless finish options like faux wood, powder coat, anodize, and custom Kynar® architectural coatings ARM-R-LITE aluminum and glass garage doors tear down the barriers to modern design regarding garage doors.

Aluminum and glass garage doors blog PA marina Durability and strength are key to what makes ARM-R-LITE different. Aluminum has a low modulus of elasticity giving it the ability to resist impact without permanently deforming. Aluminum is also naturally resistant to corrosion offering owners a lifetime installation with little or no maintenance. The durability and strength of an ARM-R-LITE aluminum and glass garage door does not only come from our construction material, but also from our superior construction method. No other garage door manufacturer in the United States offers their customers a welded frame aluminum and glass garage door.

Thru-bolted doors or doors held together with bolts or screws are cheaper and easier to make for competing manufacturers. These manufactures trade quality and strength for the ability to mass produce or, in other words, quantity over quality. Aluminum and glass doors that are not welded are subject to sagging or separating over time as the bolts and screws loosen. Jack believed his customers deserved better from ARM-R-LITE and chose to weld the tubular extrusions of his doors together…permanently. Jack’s exclusive welded method resulted in a door that never sagged or separated and would last for decades longer than competing models.

To accomplish ease of operation, Jack chose to use aluminum for his garage doors. ARM-R-LITE aluminum and glass doors are 30-60 percent lighter in weight than comparative wood or steel doors. The lighter construction material contributes immeasurably to a smoother, more effortless door operation and reduced maintenance.

Aluminum and glass garage doors installed in California ChurchMore than a half-century after our first welded aluminum and glass garage door left our plant, ARM-R-LITE still holds true to Jack’s promise to his customers. Our exclusively welded aluminum and glass doors are the first choice for leading architectural and design firms as well as the best that money can buy. From restaurants to service stations; museums to homes, ARM-R-LITE continues to be the industry’s leader in high quality welded aluminum and glass garage doors.

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Arm-R-Lite Overhead Garage Doors

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