At Arm-R-Lite, we know the importance of being able to get replacement parts for your aluminum overhead doors.  Whether your Arm-R-Lite garage door is 5 years old or 5 decades old, replacement parts are available for your door.

Garage Door Replacement Parts, No Matter How Old

Arm-R-Lite Aluminum Overhead Doors Replacement PartsFrom day one, our founder Jack Dourney saw the importance of keeping good records.  For this reason, we were able to grab the paperwork from our archives on this bottom rail and guess what?  It’s from a door that’s been in operation since 1963.  That’s the same year ZIP codes were introduced in the US.  So, while other companies cycle through various door designs (and only offer replacement parts for doors they still manufacture), we continue to produce our uniquely welded aluminum doors to last several decades at a time. 

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