Car care centers, automotive service centers, repair shops, and gas stations doors are a few of the most common commercial uses for overhead sectional doors. Arm-R-Lite has been manufacturing quality aluminum and glass overhead sectional doors for the automotive industry more than 50 years. In fact, our doors are specifically designed to endure the stress and repeated use of these applications.

Arm-R-Lite Car Care Center Gallery 

Car Care Center Door - Electra Model          Car Care Center Door - H-16 Model Automotive Service Center Door - Electra Model

Automotive Service Center Door - Titan Model          Car Care Center Door - Titan with pass door  Model Car Care Center - Titan Model

Car Care Center Door - Monarch model        Repair Shop- Electra model Repair Shop Garage Door with pass door - Titan Model

Repair Shop Door - H-16 Model          Gas Station Garage Door - Electra Model