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Garage Door Powder Coat Finishes

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Arm-R-Lite provides garage door powder coat finishes for our welded aluminum and glass sectional and steel sectional doors. We are often asked what the difference is between a powder coat and our other finish options such as anodize and Kynar® architectural coatings. To help our customers better understand the options available to them, we’ve put […]

Corrosion resistant garage doors

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Corrosion resistant garage door options are available through Arm-R-Lite for applications with high moisture and corrosive environments. Arm-R-Lites Corrosion Resistant Package offers two ways our customers can protect their aluminum and glass garage doors: Stainless Steel Aluminum is naturally rust-proof, but the steel components of our doors (hinges, tracks, etc.) are not. To protect them, […]

Service Station Overhead Doors

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Service station overhead doors are the most common type of garage door used in the commercial market. Arm-R-Lite has been manufacturing our service station overhead doors for more than 50 years and can be found on many iconic service stations like Jiffy Lube, Goodyear, STS, and Mobile. Service Station Overhead Door installation by Advanced Door […]

NEW Custom End Caps for Insulated Glass Garage Doors

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As the demand for insulated glass garage doors continues to grow, Arm-R-Lite has been keeping pace with the trend by offering new options and exclusive innovations for our insulated product line. We are proud to be the only manufacturer that offers our customers a polyurethane insulated welded aluminum frame and the only manufacturer with insulated […]

Insulated Glass Garage Doors

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Feature Insulated Glass Garage Doors

Insulated glass garage doors by Arm-R-Lite are constructed for both superior strength and energy efficiency. We are also the only manufacturer to supply our doors with a 20 year warranty welded aluminum frame and the exclusive option for 1” insulated glass units for those projects that require a greater thermal performance than commonly found in […]

American Made Firehouse Glass Garage Doors

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Arm-R-Lite has been providing our firehouse glass garage doors for public and private fire stations for more than 50 years. Arm-R-Lite is the trusted brand because of our dedication to our products and our unwavering commitment to the strength, quality, and integrity of our doors. We also offer an unmatched 20 year welded frame warranty […]