Arm-R-Lite offers an array of custom panels options for roll up garage doors including perforated, mesh, stamped and louver panels. Our aluminum garage doors are available with glass, solid aluminum panels or custom panels.

Options for Custom Panels

Perforated and mesh panels are popular among parking garages and warehouses that require air ventilation throughout the space. Stamped panels are more popular for properties looking for a specific design. In the picture to the right, the property was located in a historical district and the design had to comply with the design of the rest of neighborhood. Arm-R-Lite was able to provide custom stamped panels in a custom shade for this garage door. In addition, we also offer operable and fixed louver panels which offer a “slot” design. Since 1958, Arm-R-Lite has been the leader in custom roll up garage doors so contact us for your next custom project!