Desde 1958, Brazo-R-Lite ha estado proporcionando secciones que sustituyen a todas nuestras puertas seccionales de aluminio y vidrio de arriba lo que significa que si alguna vez volver a ejecutar o en la puerta del garaje, podemos proporcionar un segmento de recambio sin tener toda la puerta reemplazado. En un reciente artículo publicado por un instalador local Atlanta, the only recommendation for a bent sectional panel is to replace the entire door which is common misconception in the garage door industry.

Why Choose Arm-R-Lite?

In addition to replacement sections, Arm-R-Lite is the only US manufacturer able to produce an ADA Compliant Pass-Through Door within our glass garage doors. There are many manufacturers that can make a pass-through door, sin embargo, these doors have a bottom rail which poses a tripping hazard. For young children and seniors, this bottom rail may become more of a hazard which is why the ADA Compliant Pass-Through Door is the perfect option for homeowners. In addition, Arm-R-Lite is the only US manufacturer able to accommodate 1” thick insulated glass units into our door frames. With more extreme weather conditions, both in the summer and winter, most homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to maximize energy efficiency. Arm-R-Lite is also able to provide a push-out awning window which is available with a mesh screen for an upgrade. For a price quote or consultation on your overhead sectional door, contact us for more information.