Brazo-R-Lite ha estado proporcionando puertas basculantes comerciales a las empresas en Nebraska por encima 50 años. We are proud to offer an ADA Compliant Pass Door that does not sag like our competitors’ doors due to our heli-arc welded construction method.

Cumple con la ADA pasar la puerta, construidas en una Overhead Door Nebraska Comercial

An ADA Compliant Pass Door is perfect for businesses that need a customer entrance to the garage without actually opening the entire garage door. This is perfect for car dealerships, service shops and restaurants that require both a garage door and a customer entrance. Brazo-R-Lite ’ s Puerta ADA obediente is built to the height and width as required by local codes and ADA guidelines. Other restrictions apply for ADA compliancy so contact us today to learn more about an ADA Compliant Pass Door for your commercial overhead door in Nebraska.

Aluminio Overhead Puertas seccionales de garaje

Brazo-R-Lite Las puertas basculantes

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