The biggest factor determining the track set up for an overhead sectional door is the amount of headroom a project has. Es decir el espacio libre es la cantidad de espacio disponible desde la abertura de la parte inferior de la puerta y de la obstrucción más bajo. Donde algunos proyectos pueden tener problemas con no tener suficiente espacio para la cabeza, there are projects that have more than enough to justify a full vertical lift set up.

Full Vertical Lift Sectional DoorsWhat is a Full Vertical Lift Sectional Door?

Full vertical lift is a type track set up that allows the sectional door to ride up the wall vertically without the use of horizontal tracks. Full vertical lift by Arm-R-Lite requires clear headroom to be at minimum the height of the door plus 12”. Por ejemplo, if a door is 8-0 high you would need 9’ of clear headroom above the opening or 17’ from floor to underside of the lowest obstruction.

Many applications will find it difficult to set aside that much headroom. Sin embargo, applications such as warehouses and gyms often have designs or existing structure that is perfect for full vertical lift.

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