Dentro de las especificaciones emitidas por la división de un proyecto 8 Puertas seccionales de algunos proyectos pueden llamar a delegados Diseño Documentos a presentar como parte de su paquete de presentación requerida. ¿Cuáles son estas sumisiones y en qué se diferencian de los detalles típicos de la tienda?

Puertas de garaje delegados Diseño Presentaciones vs. Shop Drawings

Shop drawings are a common part of project submittals for a garage door. Arm-R-Lite shop drawings are generated by our senior engineering staff and are specific to the project they are requested for. Shop drawings will show elevations, track details, jamb details, and cut sheets of the door or doors to be supplied on a project. Shops can take anywhere from 5 Para 10 business days to generate depending on the complexity of the project. A request for shop drawings should be placed once a contract is awarded and not before.

Delegated Design Submittals are similar to shops in that they show specific details of the garage door product. Sin embargo, delegated design submittals involve having the details reviewed and signed off on by a P.E. (Principle Engineer). Often times projects with seismic or wind load requirements will need delegated design submittals in addition to shop drawings. Delegated Design Submittals cannot be revised the same way a shop drawing set would be. Each time a revision is done, the P.E. will need to perform their calculations and review over again which incurs significant costs if multiple revisions are needed. Delegated design submittals should be order only if a contract is awarded to a garage door dealer/installer and after the shop details have been supplied and approved (no revisions).

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