Arm -R- Lite proporciona acabados de recubrimiento en polvo - Powder Coat a nuestras puertas Seccionales para garaje en aluminio soldado con cristales y a ciertos modelos de puertas seccionales en acero. We are often asked what the difference is between a capa del polvo and our other finish options such as anodize and Kynar® architectural coatings. Para ayudar a nuestros clientes a comprender mejor las opciones disponibles para ellos, we’ve put together a brief description of what our powder coat finish is.

What is a Garage Door Powder Coat Finish?

A powder coated finish is applied as a dry powder, not a liquid. Unlike liquid finishes, powder coating does not require a solvent. Electrostatic application methods are typically used to apply the coating before curing the finished material under heat.

For used on garage doors, powder coats can be applied to aluminum extrusions and panels as well as face hardware and tracks. Sin embargo, powder coats do have a significant drawback in longevity and are only warrantied for 1 year provided the application is not within 1 milla de agua salada. In particular, Arm-R-Lite suggests against using red powder coats without a clear protective coating to slow down fading. If it can be helped, Arm-R-lite recommends red fire station garage doors or applications calling for red powder coats use a Kynar® architectural coating for better long term color performance.

Arm-R-Lite welcomes any questions regarding our garage door powder coat finishes. We look forward to hearing from you.