Desde Nueva York es la ciudad que nunca duerme, Arm-R-Lite is proud to offer sound reducing glass for commercial garage doors. This sound reducing glass will help reduce the outside noise making your garage a little quieter!

Cómo reducir el sonido en su garaje

sonar reductores de vidrio-de-garaje-puertas-en-nueva-york-cuerpo comercialesArm-R-Lite is pleased to offer a double method to help alleviate noise that comes through your garage door. The first method is by using acristalamiento resistente sonar on specialized glass that will inhibit the transmittance of noise. The second method is the insulation of the frame with polyurethane foam that expands and seals the frame, acting as a sound buffer. Sound reduction is key in New York and Arm-R-Lite is happy to help alleviate noise through your commercial garage door!


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