Arm-R-Lite’s welded aluminum and glass overhead sectional doors have been specified by leading architectural firms on hundreds of firehouses across the United States. With a nearly unlimited array of customizable aspects of our doors along with their 20 year welded frame warranty, Arm-R-Lite overhead sectional doors are best choice for fire departments and first responder facilities.

Arm-R-Lite Fire Department Overhead Sectional Door Gallery

Fire House Garage Door - Aluminum Carriage House Model        Fire House Garage Door - Titan Model Fire House Garage Door - Aluminarc

Fire Station Garage Door - Electra Model            Fire Station Garage Door - Titan Model Fire Station Garage Overhead Door - Electra Model



Fire Department Doors - Titan Model            Fire Department garage Door - Titan model Fire Department Garage Door - Ribbed Steel Model

Fire Station Door - H-16 Model            Fire Station Garage Door - Titan Model Fire Department Doors - Aluminarc Model

Fire Station Overhead Doors - Titan Model            Fire Station Garage Doors - Custom CI Model