Garage Door Safety Month would not be complete without a mention of torsion springs. Torsion springs are predominantly installed on commercial applications; however some residential applications may have them as well.

Garage Door Torsion Springs: Leave them to the Professionals

Torsion springs are considered dangerous should only be handled, adjusted, and installed by professional garage door dealers or installers. Arm-R-Lite will not sell torsion springs directly to the public for this reason.

Web based do-it-yourself instructions often make light of the dangers of installing torsion springs and are of no help if an installation goes wrong and a serious injury or damage occurs. The cost savings of a do-it-yourself installation of torsions springs pales in comparison to the cost of an emergency room visit. A torsion spring installed improperly may not fail immediately, which means others are at risk when they operate the door after installation.

Garage door installers are trained to install and service torsion springs for a reason, to keep customers and consumers safe.

Don’t forget that June is Garage Door Safety Month! Please check back soon for more safety tips.

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