Wind load ratings and code requirements for garage doors are not new to our industry, but they are gaining more and more prominence all over the United States. As more and more super storms like Sandy and Hurricane Katrina ravage coastlines while tornados rip though the mid-west, states and communities are beginning to demand stronger, more resilient garage doors for their homes and businesses.

Why Do Wind Load Ratings for Garage Doors Matter?

Wind load ratings tell customers how much pressure or wind speed a garage door is designed or tested for.  Wind load requirements are normally given in terms of miles per hour (mph) or pounds per square inch (psf). Areas that commonly see high winds or are prone to devastating storms will more often than not require a specific wind load rating be met for all garage doors installed in that area. The higher the wind load, the stronger the garage door must be to meet it.

Arm-R-Lite currently has (2) garage door models available with wind load ratings:

Please visit our wind load rated garage door page for more information on our wind load rated garage door models.

Aluminum Overhead Sectional Garage Doors

Arm-R-Lite Overhead Garage Doors

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