LEED certification points can be acquired from the use of Arm-R-Lite’s unique welded aluminum and glass garage doors. As the explosion in need for green building and energy efficient construction projects continues to grow across the United States, Arm-R-Lite can offer a partnership with contractors, architects, and builders looking to reach a specific LEED Certification level.

Gaining LEED Certification with Glass Garage Doors

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) provides a robust framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, maintenance, and operations solutions. Whether a project is going for basic LEED certification or striving for its Platinum Certification, Arm-R-Lite and our glass overhead sectional doors can help. Arm-R-Lite provides LEED credits in the area of Materials and Resources. Materials and Resources credits encourage using sustainable building materials and reducing waste.

Arm-R-Lite glass garage doors not only provide maximum natural light and outdoor visibility, but also recycled content values and the utilization of regional material benefits with regards to LEED certification. Documentation of Arm-R-Lite’s contribution to a project’s LEED Certification is available by contacting our customer service and sales department. Please feel free to contact us or visit our LEED page for more information on how Arm-R-Lite can contribute to your LEED Certification with our glass garage doors.