Arm-R-Lite is proud to offer custom overhead doors that can meet the expectation of large industrial facilities including breweries and beer halls.  Even though the size may be larger than a standard garage door, Arm-R-Lite can construct a door that is structurally sound enough for the brewery or beer hall to safely use and operate.

Overhead Door Success Stories with Breweries and Beer Halls

In 1965, Arm-R-Lite was able to fabricate a custom overhead brewery door over 32′ wide for Carling Brewery, which was not available by any other manufacture at that time and is still not available as a sectional door through our competitors.  Since then, we have helped many other breweries and beer halls with their request for overhead sectional doors.  Bergen Street Beer Hall is a recent example of how our doors help the facility transmit sunlight Overhead Doors for Breweries and Beer Halls-Featureindoors while also being a large, operational sectional door.  Purchasing your door from Arm-R-Lite means that we can provide you with replacement parts regardless of construction date!  No other competitor can make that guarantee!  Contact us today for more information.