Arm-R-Lite currently has available two specific types of pedestrian man doors or walk-thru doors. Both types are distinct and offer unique capabilities to our customers depending on the usage and needs for the egress.

ADA Compliant Walk-Thru Door and Step Over Man Door by Arm-R-Lite

Walk-Thru Door with Step Over Made by Arm-R-LiteThe step over version of our pass door line is perfect for locations that do not require the walk-thru door to serve a public egress. Application suggestions include gas stations, service stations, repair shops, and homes. The step over man door is available in our welded aluminum Electra, Titan, and Custom CI models or our insulated steel H-16 model door. Limitations and extended information is available here:


Wheel Chair Accessible Walk-Thru Garage Door by Arm-R-LiteOur exclusive ADA compliant no-step over walk-thru door is available in our welded Titan and Custom CI models only. This man door option offers a suitable public egress for applications such as restaurants, studios, homes, museums, parks, and recreational facilities. Our no-step over pass door is the only garage door man door on the market that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, meaning it is wheel chair accessible! The door is also fully functional as can be seen in this video. For limitations and extended product information, please visit our no-step over walk-thru door product page:


Arm-R-Lite values our customers and strives to offer the best, strongest, and most valuable products in our industry. We are currently the only garage door manufacturer to make available both a step over man door and an ADA compliant walk-thru door in order to allow our customers the most flexibility with regard to their unique applications.

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