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Our 1st Overhead Sectional Garage Door Podcast

by Eileen@1234

Shannon McGrady, President of Arm-R-Lite, shares the distinguished history of our welded aluminum and glass overhead sectional garage doors. She emphasizes the factors that make Arm-R-Lite the best quality garage door that money can buy. Aluminum Overhead Sectional Garage Doors Arm-R-Lite Overhead Garage Doors Related Posts: Contemporary Glass Garage Doors Garage and Overhead Door Manufacturer […]

Rt. 23 Kinnelon, NJ Auto Mall Overhead Sectional Doors

by Eileen@1234

Along the stretch of Rt. 23 in New Jersey a typical commuter may pass hundreds of overhead sectional doors. Dealerships, repair shops, gas stations, storefronts, and loading docks line the highway for miles and many of them utilize glass overhead sectional doors for commercial use. Many of these doors are faded, beaten, sagging, and sad […]

Bar and Grill Glass Garage Doors Rhode Island

by Eileen@1234

Bar and grill glass garage doors are a trending feature on Rhode Island restaurants. Bars and restaurants in some of Rhode Island’s largest municipalities such as Providence, Newport, Warwick, Cranston, and Pawtucket have embraced the use of Arm-R-Lite glass garage doors to add a dynamic element to their business storefronts. Glass Garage Doors for Rhode […]

WBE Certified Garage Door Manufacturer – Women Taking Care of Business

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite is a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certified garage door manufacturer based in New Jersey. As a women owned business, Arm-R-Lite holds a unique position in the male dominated manufacturing and construction industries. Arm-R-Lite: High Quality Garage Door Manufacturer and Women-Owned Business According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) as of 2013, […]

Sloping Bottom Bars

by Eileen@1234

Sloping Bottom Section for Overhead Garage Doors Arm-R-Lite offers an exclusive option for projects with openings that have uneven floors or sloping driveways. As a universal rule for garage doors, overhead sectional doors cannot be installed on unleveled or sloping ground. Arm-R-Lite has now overcome this limitation with our innovative sloping bottom bar option for our welded aluminuim […]

Pedestrian Pass Door

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite offers a 4″ step over pedestrian pass door (man door) for our Electra, Titan, and Custom CI Models. This pass door is available in either motor or manually operated doors and has a 4″ high bottom rail step over. This product is for private or restricted use only due to the 4″ bottom rail (tripping hazard). This product […]

ADA Compliant Pedestrian Pass Door

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite now offers our exclusive ADA compliant no step over pedestrian pass door (man door) for our Titan and Custom CI Models. This pass door is available in either motor or manually operated doors and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, meaning it is wheel chair accessible. Pass door is built to the […]

Energy Efficiency Package for Aluminum and Glass Overhead Doors

by Eileen@1234
Arm-R-Lite Energy Efficient Glass Garage Door Option

Energy Efficient Overhead Doors from Arm-R-Lite  Arm-R-Lite offers an exclusive option for energy efficient overhead sectional doors. All welded aluminum models are available paired with our Energy Efficiency Package. This option offers insulated rails and stiles, insulated glass up to 1″ thick, insulated panels, and a water resistant feature. Suggested applications include restaurants, gyms, recreational […]

Garage Door Company: What You Should Expect

by splendoradam

Garage door manufacturing companies are incredibly important factors to consider when planning a project. Builders, architects, and distributors all face unique challenges in their day to day work. Deadlines, working within budgets, and building codes and requirements can make each job very taxing. At the end of the day though, the bottom line is keeping […]