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Residential Architect Magazine – 2004 Architects’ Choice

by splendoradam

Arm-R-Lite has been recognized as the architects choice for overhead garage door manufacturers for 2004. An article featured on the Residential Architects Magazine website, written by Nigel F. Maynard and Shelley D. Hutchins, covers the top 2004 architects choice manufacturers in specific industries. 2004 Architects Choice Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer Thomas Hut, AIA and Jane Sachs, […]

Architectural Record – Montecito Residence

by splendoradam

Arm-R-Lite has been featured in an Architectural Record article showcasing the design talents of Barton Myers. The full article can be reached through our Feature Articles and Publications page. Barton Myers Associates Design Featuring Arm-R-Lite Glass Garage Doors Barton Myers Montecito residence rests on a 1-acre site among dense vegetation and large rock formations. The […]

High End Arm-R-Lite Overhead Sectional Doors in Santa Monica, California

by splendoradam

High end Arm-R-Lite overhead sectional doors were featured in a recent issue of Commercial Design Trends magazine. An independent Santa Monica film production company sought to renovate a 1960s masonry warehouse along with Barton Myers Architects. High End Overhead Sectional Doors by Arm-R-Lite: Santa Monica, CA This project incorporated three large custom welded aluminum and […]

Architects Choice: Arm-R-Lite Upward Acting Sectional Doors

by splendoradam

Arm-R-Lite is the number one choice among leading architects for upward acting overhead sectional doors. We have worked with hundreds of architectural and design firms on projects all over the United States both big and small. Upward Acting Overhead Sectional Doors: Made in the USA Arm-R-Lite welded aluminum and glass upward acting sectional doors are […]