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Southern California Glass Garage Doors

by Eileen@1234

Southern California  has embraced the use of glass garage doors on both commercial and residential applications. As home of some of the wealthiest Americans in the United States, communities in Southern California have had the opportunity to experiment architecturally with Arm-R-Lite’s glass garage doors and achieve design visions that could not be met by competing […]

New York City Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

by Eileen@1234

New York City is home to hundreds of architects, designers, and artists who have discovered the beauty and strength of Arm-R-Lite’s welded commercial overhead garage doors. New York City Commercial Overhead Garage Doors by Arm-R-Lite Arm-R-Lite has manufactured high end aluminum and glass overhead garage doors for galleries, restaurants, and artist studios across the five […]

Glass and Aluminum Garage Doors Installed in Hampton, NY

by Eileen@1234

Glass and aluminum garage doors are part of a fast growing trend for contemporary or modern homes in the United States. From New York to California, more and more homeowners are looking to Arm-R-Lite glass and aluminum doors to modernize and bolster their homes curb appeal. Glass and Aluminum Garage Doors Installed by AJ Garage […]

Marlborough Gallery – NYC Installation by Advanced Door NJ

by Eileen@1234

Glass Arm-R-Lite Overhead Door Installation in New York City  New York City overhead door installation announcement! Rob Marsh, owner of Advanced Door Sales, released these photos of his completed installation at the Marlborough Gallery at 545 West 25th Street NY, NY. Advanced Door installed the original Arm-R-Lite products in this gallery using a combination of upward acting sectional […]