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Garage Door Motor Safety Tip #1

by Eileen@1234

A garage door motor is generally easier and safer to install than the garage door itself. However, even installing a garage door motor comes with some risks. Garage Door Motor: Do-It-Yourselfer? For home and business owners who follow the do-it-yourself motto, installing a garage door motor is often approached lightly. Although some garage door motors […]

Torsion Springs for a Garage Door: Safety Tips

by Eileen@1234
Safety Tips for Torsion Springs for a Garage Door

Torsion springs are most often installed on commercial or industrial applications rather than residential applications. The torsion spring’s coils are wound creating enough torque to safely lift and lower a garage door. The life of a torsion spring is measured in cycles where one cycle is a single open and close action. Why are Garage […]

Garage Door Maintenance and Service Requests

by splendoradam

Garage door maintenance and service should not be a hassle. Arm-R-Lite welded aluminum garage doors are build to withstand decades of use, but moving parts such as springs and rollers do wear over time. Consistent Garage Door Service and Maintenance is the Key When your Arm-R-Lite garage door requires a tune up or replacement parts, […]

Garage Door Maintenance and Safety: What You Need to Know

by splendoradam

Garage door maintenance and safety is an important aspect of owning and operating an overhead door. Consistent maintenance and inspection of wearable parts like cables and springs can extend the life of your Arm-R-Lite garage door and ensure safe operation year after year. Arm-R-Lite Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Tip If you own a home […]