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Garage Door Maintenance and Service Requests

by splendoradam

Garage door maintenance and service should not be a hassle. Arm-R-Lite welded aluminum garage doors are build to withstand decades of use, but moving parts such as springs and rollers do wear over time. Consistent Garage Door Service and Maintenance is the Key When your Arm-R-Lite garage door requires a tune up or replacement parts, […]

Garage Door Maintenance and Safety: What You Need to Know

by splendoradam

Garage door maintenance and safety is an important aspect of owning and operating an overhead door. Consistent maintenance and inspection of wearable parts like cables and springs can extend the life of your Arm-R-Lite garage door and ensure safe operation year after year. Arm-R-Lite Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Tip If you own a home […]

Noisy Garage Door Fixes and Maintenance

by splendoradam

If you have a noisy garage door and are looking for some quick and easy maintenance tips, you’ve found the right place. There’s nothing more annoying or embarrassing than getting home after a late night and worrying about waking up the neighbors by opening your noisy garage door. By performing some at home maintenance and […]

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

by splendoradam

Seasonal garage door maintenance is an important factor in keeping your residential garage door in peak condition. Now that summer has officially ended and cooler fall weather is becoming the norm, it’s time to think about adding some simple garage door cleaning and maintenance to your regular end of summer home maintenance routine. The beginning […]