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Titan™ Commercial Garage Door Model | Glass Overhead Sectional Door

by splendoradam

Our Titan™  commercial garage doors are wind loaded glass overhead sectional doors  built to withstand the daily rigors of the most demanding installations. Titan™  commercial garage doors doors, produced from rugged hollow aluminum shapes welded together into frames of exceptional strength and integrity, continue to operate year in and year out under extremely harsh conditions, […]

Glass Garage Door for a Minnesota Brewery

by Eileen@1234

Arm-R-Lite can provide the most insulated glass garage door for any brewery in Minnesota due to our exclusive 1” thick insulated glass units. For years, Arm-R-Lite has been helping breweries across the country create the perfect garage door for their space. Exclusive Options by Arm-R-Lite The most popular exclusive options for maximizing thermal performance are Arm-R-Lite’s […]

What is the Difference between Annealed and Tempered Glass?

by Eileen@1234

When it comes to monolithic glass units in a sectional door you have the option between choosing an annealed (D/S Glass) or tempered glass. In general an 1/8” clear annealed glass will cost less than it’s tempered equivalent, however it is important to know what you are trading for the cost savings. Annealed (D/S Glass): […]

Glass Garage Doors for Your Brewery in Michigan

by Eileen@1234

Any brewery in Michigan can benefit from a glass garage door since it enables the brewery to transform an indoor space to outdoors in a matter of seconds. Since 1958, Arm-R-Lite has been working with breweries throughout the United States that want to upgrade their facility with a beautiful and functional glass garage door. Why Choose A Glass […]

Glass Garage Doors for Long Island

by Eileen@1234

For over 50 years, homeowners and business owners in Long Island have turned to Arm-R-Lite for their glass garage door needs due to our quality, style and flexibility. Arm-R-Lite is proud to have built glass garage doors for celebrity homes, restaurants and hotels for almost 60 years. Options for Glass Garage Doors Each glass garage […]

Glass Garage Doors for Redhook Restaurants

by Eileen@1234

New York is known for trendy and upcoming hotspots like Redhook, with a number of restaurants turning their indoor space to outdoor space with glass garage doors. Arm-R-Lite’s glass garage doors are not only sleek and modern but also superior in quality due to our welded construction method. Options for Glass Garage Doors Arm-R-Lite’s glass […]

Insulated Glass For Glass Roll Up Doors in North Dakota

by Eileen@1234

North Dakota faces harsh winters with temperatures dipping below freezing which makes insulated glass for glass roll up doors a necessity for any property.  Arm-R-Lite has been providing custom glass garage doors since 1958, specializing in custom glass. Custom Glass Options for Glass Roll Up Doors in North Dakota                    Insulated glass from Arm-R-Lite is one […]

Upward Acting Sectional Doors for Ohio Homes

by Eileen@1234

With winter full in swing, Ohio homes should begin looking for an upward acting sectional door if they’re not completely satisfied with their current garage door.  Since 1958, Arm-R-Lite has been providing the highest quality glass garage doors for homes throughout the United States. Why Choose an Arm-R-Lite Upward Acting Sectional Door? Arm-R-Lite is the […]

Energy Efficient Glass Garage Doors for Wisconsin

by Eileen@1234

Glass garage doors from Arm-R-Lite can be custom made with an Energy Efficient option which helps maximize thermal performance for Wisconsin properties.  With the season’s first snowfall this past weekend, now is a perfect time to start thinking about a warmer garage space! Options for Energy Efficient Glass Garage Doors Arm-R-Lite’s Energy Efficiency Package offers […]

Insulated Glass Garage Doors for Massachusetts

by Eileen@1234

Massachusetts is the most populous state in the Northeast enduring more than 3 feet of snow annually.  With harsh winter conditions, properties in Massachusetts need the most efficient tools to keep their spaces warm all winter long.   How Can Arm-R-Lite Help? For over 50 years, Arm-R-Lite has been on the leading edge of garage door […]