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Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors Part #3

by Eileen@1234

Exposure to hurricane winds is an important factor for garage doors. Our last hurricane blog post discussed why a garage door should be closed prior to a high wind event. In today’s safety tip, we will explain the dangers of non-manufacturer specified reinforcement. Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors: Dangers of Non-Manufacturer Specified Reinforcement Arm-R-Lite garage doors […]

Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors, Part #2

by Eileen@1234

Garage doors that will be subjected to hurricane force winds or high wind events can cause damage or injury if not operated or secured properly prior to the event. Our last hurricane blog post explained why backing a vehicle or piling belongings against your garage door during a hurricane is not recommended. This time we […]

Hurricane Winds and Garage Doors, Part #1

by Eileen@1234

A garage door’s performance during a high wind event is an important issue for the east, west, and gulf coast regions. Since hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, overlapping Garage Door Safety Month, Arm-R-Lite will be posting several tips and items for garage door owners to keep in mind as they ready […]