The R-Value for a garage door is the capacity of the assembly to resist heat flow. The R-Value is the inverse of the U-value and describes the insulating power of the assembly.

Why is R-Value on a Garage Door Important?

The R-value on a garage door assembly can tell you a lot about the thermal performance of the product. A residential insulated steel door for example can have an R-value of 10 while a commercial insulated steel door can have an R-value of 16. The higher the R-Value the better the insulating properties of the garage door.

If you are researching garage doors for your home or business and need them to be insulated, always ask your garage door dealer or manufacturer what the R-Value is on their product. Also be sure if your local building codes specify a particular R-Value for a garage door you confirm with your vendor that the product meets that requirement.

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